Hey guys! My friend has a multieffects pedal, Korg ax3000g. It is a good pedal. the only problem is that he doesnt know how to record with the SP/DIF output. Korg says that the SP/DIF can be use to record audio digitally. So is there any way to connect the SP/DIF into the computer and record? Thanks.
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As far as I know, it's no more than a digital output signal, so you'd need an interface with an SP/DIF input.

I've seen multitrackers with an SP/DIF input in the past, but I think it's an outdated concept now, most companies who want to provide that sort of connection use USB these days.
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Most computer interfaces over $200 have S/PDIF inputs. They're used to connect external preamps or (how I use mine) as outputs to connect your monitors digitally.
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if your soundcard has a spdif then just clock them.
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