I was wondering what you think of the drums sounds in this song here http://soundcloud.com/danlarsen/west-demo. This is for my solo project Letters Experiment which by the way you can like on Facebook. What I'm looking for is feedback on the programming, what did you think of the volume of it throughout the track and how did it sound, should it have been compressed or reverb added and what not. Thanks in advance
The kick is too IMO and the overheads sound mono, change them to stereo. I love the snare and i would make it louder. What snare sample are you using?
This is from the default pro tool Xpand2 rock kit, so I'm not sure if i can make the overhead. Although I suppose I could make 3 kits. Centre for the kick and snare. Left for hihats and one crash. Right for the ride and other cymbals. I'll see what i can do about the kick and snare volumes