Hello pit,

There are times when we want to do something we really want but it seems like your own safe haven is threatening you.

I just finished practicing but it was a really frustrating session.
My chair almost caved on my because of a loose screw.
My connector to my drum pedals would always give at the fast part of the song.
Some visitors came ruined my practice time which I only have time right now

So pit tell me about those times that everything seems to be against what you really want to do?
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Your chair broke because you're fat. Don't kid yourself.
“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

-Max Planck

One morning my car wouldn't start. I had left it parked in a residential area so I had to move it by 8:30am or else the cunty traffic warden would give me a fine. It was about 8am so I tried moving the car myself, unfortunately it was on a slope and there were several other cars around and i'm also very weak so I couldn't move it. I phoned for a mobile mechanic but he wasn't coming til 9 so I sat in my freezing cold car in case the warden stopped by. In the meantime I phoned work and told them i'd have to take some emergency holiday to sort out this bullshit.

At 9am the mechanic arrived and we tried to jump start the car, he told me it was out of diesel and so a jump wouldn't do anything. I paid the mechanic for his "trouble" and stuck a note on my windshield saying the car was ****ed and that i'd move it when I could. I walked to the nearest garage (30 minutes walk, there and back) and filled a can with diesel before carrying it back to the car.

When I got back I saw a note on my car. Sure enough, the traffic warden didn't sympathize with my situation and decided to give me a ticket. After a lot of swearing I called the mechanic back and told him I had put some diesel in and asked him if we could try it again.

About an hour later he came back and we tried jump starting it again, once more to no avail. I asked what he thought was wrong and so he "ummed" and "aahed" a bit and kicked my back tyres for whatever diagnostic purpose, he said he didn't know and so i'd have to arrange for a tow to come and pick it up.

After extensive mechanical labour the car still didn't work so I gave up and sold it for scrap, which just about covered all the garage fees. I also appealed against the ticket and lost.

Tl;dr Car broke in residential area, hilarity ensues.
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Your chair broke because you're fat. Don't kid yourself.

I'm thin bro.