Ok, I'm down to a group of amps to choose from when I upgrade at some point next year. Nothing like forward planning, eh? I play metal stuff mainly, and this amp would be purely for home use. The choice is out of:

- Roland Cube 15XL
- Roland Cube 20XL
- Peavey Vypyr 30
- Peavey Vypyr 15
- Line 6 Spider IV 15
- Line 6 Spider IV 30

My preference is strongly toward the Roland 20XL or Peavey 30, and to be honest, the Line 6's are mainly there to give something else for you vastly more amp-knowledgable people to help me with. I really like the amount of models the Peavey 30 has, but I dunno if it's worth the risk of getting really ****ing confused and overcomplicated about my tone (plus, I noticed the Roland has a feature to dull volume without sacrificing gain, which would be good for bedroom use; that, and I dunno if I need 30 watts?)

What do you guys think?
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of those the vypyr.

or a fender mustang I or II.
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