Unfortunately we only have esp, ibanez, and prs dealers and i only have 500bucks that i could spent for a new electric guitar and used items will not be an opti60n coz music store here dont sell used guitars. I mostly play metal such as metallica, bfmv, haste the day killswitch engage etc. Need help plz thanks!
If none of your local authorized insturment dealers don't carry used gear - then surely you can find a pawn shop?

Or Craigslist. You can get a pretty decent guitar off of Craigslist for 500 bucks, and you wont even have to pay tax!
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What you got at the minute. What amp you got?

All i got is a 15watt unkn0wn amp i dont have electric guitar i sold it bcoz it sucks recently i had an mh50nt and an sfx2 hamer due to financial problem.
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LTD M100FM, then save the rest and in a month or two when you get some more money get yourself a decent amp.

I forgot to menti0n i dont really use a tremolo coz i tune a guitar a lot can u suggest a fixed or a string thru body please thanks!