no pity in sending these thoughts aloft
i walk the block searching
for a register that can make change for a love lost
to push and pull these winsome wools
warm around a handsome chin
try to fool any cashier with indifferent grins
redden my ears with the smell of holly smoke
smoldering epitaph to a dead year of desperate hope
the little things that help me cope:
to watch my hands tremble exchanging tender
touch for precious seconds as you ring me up
although i can't remember what i bought
shifting snow and sadness in the parking lot
i drive home to no pity and a mixtape of things i forgot.
this is a perfect example of a well-written rhymes, it didn't feel forced or trite, and in fact I didn't immediately notice that there was a regular rhyme scheme at all until the end of the poem. nicely done.
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