I am enjoying Garage Band on the iPad immensely.

I bought the Amplitude iRig to connect and record my guitar directly, but the sound is hissy, noisy, distorted and generally unpleasant.

What methods do people use to play and record their electric guitar on Garage Band iPad version?
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Can't you just record it on a mac or pc?

I don't have a mac / pc at home. Just the iPad...
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hmm I was thinking aint there a dock for an iPod that kind of lets you plug a guitar to it? I mean something that doesnt go into the iPod's headphone jack but to it's bottom ... entrance?

Why yes. Alesis IO Dock but its $150. Not sure the quality but its the only one I know of on the market
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Why yes. Alesis IO Dock but its $150. Not sure the quality but its the only one I know of on the market

nice.. ima go googling it.. if it also had a midi input/output

do you guys also know if you can connect RP355 to an iPod. I know you can with an iPad but I found no single word about connecting it to an iPod (touch)
Apogee Jam is my favorite way to do it. I think the new one even has MIDI but I could be wrong. Definitely the highest quality, especially for the money.
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Theres a relatively new device out.

Irig pro.

Jack/xlr input
Midi input
Gain control
Phantom power on an 9V battery!
Fits in your pocket
Comes with about 4 apps like amplitube
Comes with all connection cables (old apple, lightning, midi) this is slightly special imo, often u need CCK or u get either lightning or old connection type.
No ext. Power source needed.

150 bucks

I don't know the sound quality, but the feature set for that price in such a small device, without external power.. (phantom power lol) is amazing.

It does miss a dedicated audio out which slightly odd/dissappointing and thus need too use output of ipad. This is not a problem for most people, but for me personally it would hinder a few of my routings with my main production area.

Now for some general info, u need to find an interface which does not draw too much usb power or any at all, or it won't work, and u need a CCK, unless it's official ios device like the above.

With above mentioned unit you do not need CCK or ext. power, powered usb hub etc.. I bought a small interface ages ago which works, but not that reliable. If this was out then it would be on top of my list.

To add I DID not try it nor is this a review of how well it does all, but it does look interesting

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I find Irig HD is Good. Sound is great cause it's a digital connection through the port not the headphone jack it has a wire for every kind of port apple uses even a full sized USB, lightning port,and the original 32 pin port. Best of all it's a reasonable price works with amplitube ,GarageBand ,jamup and almost every DAW , amp sim or effects sim.
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This thread is from 4 years ago, please let it die.
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How to use any interface with iOS:

1) Buy a powered USB hub, it has one connection into the wall , and one "output" that goes into your computer (left), and of course a few USB slots.

2) Buy an Apple Camera Connection kit, USB into lightening or 30 pin, whichever you need. IT MUST BE APPLE BRANDED, NOT A KNOCKOFF.


Here's the setup:
1) Plug USB port into wall
2) Attach port's output cable to the CCK
3) Plug interface into port, give it 5 seconds to boot up
4) Attach CCK to iDevice, give it another 5-10 seconds to do it's thing.

It can be glitchy setting it up, but after that it works fine. Make sure you connect it in the above order or it won't work. My 2i4 works great with this method.

Edit: Just saw the thread's age... Hopefully someone will find the above useful.
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