As I said in the title it's probably a long shot posting here, what with there mainly being guitarists and bassists on UG, plus the fact that there seems to be very few members from this area. But I thought I'd give it a try.

My band need a singer.
If anyone's interested, providing you can sing (the only two people who have replied to us haven't bee able to sing in any kind of pitch) and are into the band, we'll be cool to give you a shot.

The band used to be a rock covers band, but it's pretty tricky to get gigs and gets a bit boring, so we've decided to go into an original direction.

What our goal is, is to be a sort of funk-rock band. Not a million miles away from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Living Colour, etc.
But we aren't looking for a strictly "funk" singer or anything. Any singer should be fitting (as I said, providing you can sing!) to the style, it's just that the music will be in a funk-rock style.

We will be planning on gigging and writing music, so if you're good with lyrics that's a bonus. We also do have possibilities of a few paid "function" gigs, but they won't be our main focus, but still they're a nice and easy £50 in your pocket.

We have access to a private practice studio in Netherseal (a village just outside of Burton on Trent) which is cheap and has everything we need to practice.
We also have some decent recording gear available to us, and have our own P.A gear. So nothing is really needed from a potential vocalist aside from transport.

We're all aged 19-21, but age isn't really a problem.

So, yeah, if you want to give it a shot, or know anyone who may be interested, just give me a shout.

Well hai there!

Didn't realise there was another member of UG so close.
Shame you aren't a singer though!
Been having the urge to write, record and gig with my band! So annoying looking for a singer!