Just took in a Norman acoustic with a busted tuner. Though only one is broken they're all made of plastic and are not of any real quality so they're being replaced completely by a set of Grovers that just arrived in the mail. I started installing them and the posts are short. There wouldn't be much room to wind a string around them. I've been considering doctoring the headstock a bit as it is very thick but I'm not sure what other options should be weighed. Are these tuners just not fit for an acoustic?
How much room have you got for winding your strings?
You only really need a few millimeters.
Oh jeezo.

Well you could either buy another set, OR, recess the washers (and nut if you wish).
I did this on the build I'm currently doing, and it's a lot more work than it sounds especially if you want to do it properly.

If you want to go through with that just say and I'll post a wee guide that should help
Okay well be warned, don't rush this.
It'll be very easy to mess this up, even though it sounds simple.

Make sure you use sharp drill bits, and masking tape. This should help avoid chipping the lacquer around the tuner holes.
Also if you have access to one, I'd suggest using a pillar drill for this procedure, rather than a hand drill.

Firstly mask the front and the back of the headstock to protect it from scratching.
Secure some scrap wood to the front of the headstock, making sure it covers all the tuner holes. You then need to drill pilot holes through the scrap wood in the centre of each tuner hole, drilling from the back of the headstock. These need to be centred perfectly, and only a couple of mm wide. Then from there you use the likes of a flat bit or a spur bit (the same diameter as your washers) to drill into the front of the headstock through the scrap wood. Take it slowly here, making sure the drill bit centres into the pilot holes. Drill to required depth, repeat for the other tuners.
Be prepared to have to chisel a little bit of extra wood out of the recessed cavity if the drill bit doesn't leave a neat face.

If there's anthing you're unsure of, just ask here, I'll be checking back for you
Good luck man
Sweet. Sounds like my best option. I unfortunately don't have access to a drill press until I get back home for the holiday and I don't think I want to be pulling guitars across international borders. I do get the idea though. I'll post back with how it all turns out.


Oh, do you have a pic of the guitar you did this on?
I'm not exactly the greatest with a camera, but here you go

Edit: It's kinda difficult to see, I'll maybe try and get a better one tomorrow when it's light outside if you want