How are these generally looked at in terms of quality and tone for their price range? i know its a plus that they are solid wood, and for 1000$ they should be, but for their average used price would they be a good buy?
I have played a couple and i personally like their tone and how they arent covered in laquer, but what do you guys think of them?
they are stripped down but most people consider them good quality, they're well thought of, and considered by many to the THE best martin value.
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I find the tones of many of the Martin models outstanding, but when it comes to their mahogany topped guitars, I'm a little less enthralled, but then again, I haven't heard too many dreads with the M top that I'm crazy about, there are a couple of other brands of all mahogany that I would choose over it, and those would be in a OM size, but thats just my personal taste.

If you can find a decent deal on a used one, then yes, it would be a great buy, you will get a good, solidly built guitar, that has a very good tone.
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