Anyone else suffered from shoulder pain while playing for extended periods in the sitting position,Right handed,right shoulder.If so any advice appreciated.I know I'm old but not that old.Sags
Play feeling comfortable. If you are tense during you practicing, you're most likely doing something wrong. If that's not the problem, you should just let your arm rest for a while, since everyone can get worn out in the arm after playing for many hours. If the pain doesn't end after taking a break, then you should consider getting it checked, as guy above said.
There shouldn't be any pain if you are playing the way you are supposed to be. Tightness yes, and maybe even cramping if you play for a few days straight. Do some research and fix your technique.
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Take a break.

Vito Bratta ruined his wrist in the 90s while excessively playing classical guitar, and he still hasn't recovered from it.
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