I have currently afender strat and im ordering a les paul style guitar .. i took the SLIM one ( tapered neck ) , the spec say : 17 mm instead 21 mm at first fret .

Now i cant really compare but anyone know the thickness /taper of fender stratocaster u.s.a ( standard 9.5 radius c shaped neck ) ???

cause im done with the epiphone /gibson 57 or 50's round neck ( also called the baseball bat ) this thing was barely playable . i had it on my epiphone les paul jr custom shop 57 and the thing was unplayable .

now im ordering a slim tapared agile Al-series with 17 mm .

how does that compare to a stratocaster ??
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necks are very different in size and feel. scale length is different as well. some have a tough time going from one to the other. it won't feel the same so if your current neck style is to your liking then you may want to stick with it or better yet try out a LP to see if it is comfortable for you. that's really the only way you'll know.
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i hate the the slim tapered 60s style necks of gibson.
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That's an agile, isn't it? Their idea of a slim neck is really, really small. It will be thinner than your strat neck.

Their regular neck is about the size of the Gibson 60s slim neck. They don't make anything as big as the 50s carve.
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yes its an agile .

the regular neck is 21 mm the slim neck is 17.8 mm or something like that . i was wondering what a strat neck was .

ill still go with the slim neck .. but nice to know they dont have that "baseball bat 50's neck " in case i want a non slim model one day .
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- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
- Agile 3200 Slim
Necks vary, but if I remember correctly the "official" MIM fender neck is 21-22mm. 17 or 18 is really small, think Ibanez.