So I have e. guitar and I have been playing for two years now.

My speed is pretty good, my fingers are strong enough, I can even use my pinky finger on some really hard songs.

But I feel like I miss something.

My left hand is good. My right hand isn't that bad, but it could use some extra training. I can catch a rhythm, but not on every song. I can strum some harder patterns but not all again.

Sometimes I can play a song perfectly and next time I could do beginner mistakes.

I have no mentor, I used internet to learn stuff. What should I learn about the guitar, playing, techniques? I want to make my playing perfect. + My ear could use some training...

Could you please hit me up with links and stuff?

This guy is good. He offers some articles and videos for free, if you subscribe to his site.

You will have to pay to get the top stuff, but the free part is great aswell.
Theory isn't majorly important. learning a little though, like the circle of fifths and practicing the chromatic scale help you to know your instrument and make you understand what your playing. I was in your place 2 years back, and what really clicked was when i opened up my mind to multiple genres. Once i started looking at the positives in music i enjoyed what i was playing a ton more, even if it was music i hate.

For example, at college i have to play You Me at Six covers (ughhh) but i can still enjoy it because i love playing my instrument. And learning less about technique, and more about rhythm, can help a lot more in your playing.

Take inspiration from players of other instruments. I play a bit of bass (which RADICALLY helped my playing, if you can play bass in a band for a while and you learn to groove and listen to your drummer a lot more. Makes you super tight.) and two of my inspirations are victor wooten and anthony wellington. These two videos probably developed my playing more than any other guide out there, even though its not for my main instrument!



I was genuinely inspired by these two to work with my drummer and fit in the groove. This helped me become a much more unique guitarist and was able to put more feel into my playing be it rhythmically, or to do with how you feel a note (vibrato, bends, general positioning). The first lesson on here, helped me majorly with where i was at, and i use this a lot for a lot of things. I always go back to these videos to refresh.

Hope it helps.
You could always join the zoolander center for kids who can't strum good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too
Please use the guitar techniques forum. Take some time to read the stickies and thread that are already there. There is a lot of information available already, and this sort of vague question is often frustrating to work with.