Hey there these are the real basics of a song I'm starting to work on and I was wondering what people thought of it.
I know it's not real tight playing, but I din't feel like recording some things again yet.
So.. please tell me what you think..


and oh yeah, C4C as stated

edit: Replaced the older vesion with a newer one...
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Sounds pretty cool, I almost feel like it drags a little bit though. A bit hard to headband to :p

But really, aside from that I think the only thing it needs is a melody, either vocals or instrumental. The high repetition of riffs starts to lose interest simply because they don't develop and there's nothing over top of them. They're cool riffs to be sure though. I'd like to hear a finished product.

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I think you've got something nice going. I like the clam intro, kinda Pink Floyd esk. I think you should work on the end of it make it kinda more intense. It kinda gets a little "samey" but maybe that's just cause you haven't added vocals. Look forward to hearing it all finished.

Here is my work in progress! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1501211
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Thanks for the reactions guy's.
The repetition thing is something I going to be working on pretty soon, but that's always something I can't get around while I'm just starting to write a song.
I'll post the end product in a while, so..
Hey man, thanks for the crit.

Commenting as I listen: I really like the intro, you have a bit of a non-conventional chord progression going on there which is actually really awesome. The first distorted riff is pretty cool too, do I detect a Mastodon/Intronaut influence here? One thing I would say is that the tone is maybe a bit too fuzzy. If you take off some of that fuzz it will really liven up the riff.

Love the next riff too. However, I feel the drums don't do it much justice at the moment. Maybe put some more crashes or toms or something in there, really emphasise each note the guitar plays. It's a heavy riff, make the drums suit it.

As someone mentioned before, the song does get a bit repetitive after a while. There are 3 ways I reckon you could lessen the repetition:

-More variation on the drums, a lot of it is just straight counting on the hat with standard kick/snare patterns.
-Maybe add some leads or something in there.
-Vocals, although this isn't really a must.

Apart from that I liked it quite a bit, good job man, can't wait to hear the end product.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Thanks man!
There certainly is a Mastodon influence since they're one of my favorite bands
Concerning the drums, I'm never any good at making them. Usualy the drummer in our band to be helps me program them, so I guess I'll ask him to do that sooner or later..

And I'll definately do something with the rest of your remarks, thanks a lot!
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This is actually pretty cool. The rhythm actually kind of reminds a bit of old skewl tool or Chevelle.

I know exactly where you're at when it comes to the state of your project. I have a track on my profile called "steps through time" that i haven't finished yet, but it's basically just a template for lead and vocals, etc, and it gets rather repetitive in its unfinished state to. But I think you've laid a really good foundation here with what you have so far! Keep the details comin!

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It's a cool song.

The clean intro sounds good, but i felt the distortion came a bit suddenly. (the transition sounds a bit sudden, or it might sounds right if you plans to add vocals to it)

Concerning the drums, the snare lacks some punch, compared to the distortion guitars. I think it might add a lot with a more "powerful" snare. Also try adding more fills here and there, will make the whole song a bit less flat imo.

As for the rest, without vocals it drags a bit, sounding a bit repetitive. If you don't plan on adding vocals, maybe add some lead guitars here and there ?

check my thread when you have some time !