I haven't written lyrics in years, so I'm a little dusty on my technique. C4C.

Midnight and wide awake
Something's missing
I can't feel anything
Just existing
Not quite alive
But not quite dead
Empty inside
This vacant head

I stare at the TV
It's all I see
Consuming junk food as
it consumes me
I am my company
My only friend
in doubting this
will ever end

Not quite that good
But not quite bad
I could, would, should
stop being mad
Ignorant bliss
Is what I miss
Can I escape
This dark abyss?

I tried to cry
But that took me nowhere
I've lost my mind
Or was it ever there?

Hate's in the mist, laughing
It's in the air to fill my chest
It's the voice in my head
That conquers all the rest
Although I try to fight,
I know I'll never win
With the feeling it might
Let the nightmare begin

You think you had it rough?
You think that you are tough?
Well, you ain't seen nothing
No, you ain't seen nothing
Cuz Frankenstein was made
By man and not by God
I've become what I hate
Now this is the last straw
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