OK I recently got myself a Blackstar Ht-20 combo, and I really like it, but apparently its speaker (Celestion Rocker 50, I believe) is absolute trash. I see people online saying that they replaced their speaker, and NOW its really good. I'm no electronics genius, nor am I eager to blindly screw around with the inside of the amp.

I normally keep the volume at around 1-2, rarely go above that.

Is replacing the speaker really worth the hassle and $$$? If so, which speaker should I get? (I heard the Vintage 30 is too dark in the Blackstar, so the answer may not be so simple XD)
chnaging a speaker is as simple as unscrewing th eold one and screwing in the new one(and wiring)

but honestly if theres nothing wrong with it dont fix it
Unless you don't like it, don't change it
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