Okay guys I've been thinking about this for a while ...

If your band breaks up who's entitled to the music? I study music and I know a lot about copyrights and who owns what but I'm talking about a small local band who aren't big enough to warrant lawyers getting involved.

My band have four songs and as the guitarist I've came up with I'd say 75% of the actual material like verse's and choruses, etc. If the band were to break up could I re-use the songs with another band and/or the riffs and such?

This is hypothetical and my band is doing fine, I'm just interested to see how you guys would go about it.
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If you've copyrighted the music now, then the other members can sue you for using this material outside the domains of the band.

You can also create a contract that states any music created is solely credited to you and can be used outside of the band.

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What I've always done with past bands is just ask the other guys if it's okay for me to use a particular piece. They've always been okay with it, but we're all friends from school, so I'm sure that plays a factor here. I would still ask them how they feel about it. May not be copyright, but at least you'd be respecting their wishes.
Id use it anyways
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As a token of respect it should go to whoever came up with it

but legally without a copyright there's not much he can do about it so if he's a douche by all means steal away
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Id go with Coreys monster and say write new stuff, however writing blocks will occur.

So i assume none of it is copywritten, in that case you can use all and any of it.

If you do, watch the other guys closely. Lets say they start another band and use your stuff. Well I would personally want to make it better.

So anything you do intend to re-use. See if you can add to it or change it up a little.

Funny story (side note) I had a band a while back. The only original member is the Singer. He stole our name and they still play our songs from 10 years ago.

You might get a few laughs out of the deal if this happens to you.
I know that Ozzy performs Sabbath songs solo, if that's what you're on about.
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If you want to play them, just be all like
"this is a song I wrote in a band, so for legal aspects i'm just covering it"

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Just use all new materials, no need to get your buttersnips so totla mad.