A said im a newb recorder got no idea what im doing.

i got a drumset a 200 watt bass amp and a guitarist with an amp,

i was wondering if there was any way i could buy a solid recording program and a solid mic for under 200$ and if it would be worth the value.

Also i hear micing for drums is hard if anyone could give me advice to cheaply do this

im sorry i can't me more detailed but i lack the knowledge to do so

thanks in advance
Hey bro

I come from South Africa, so I dunno where and how you can gets mics there in America, but if you check ebay or one of those sites, I'm sure you can find yourself a decent mic for a decent price range.

For recording your guitarist, place your mic an inch away from the amp, more or less towards the middle of amp. On budget, you can use any mic you can get, sound quality might not be the best, but it'll do. If you using a using the sound card on your pc, plug your mic into the mic port (I think it's the pink one). On your Desktop Software (there's a free one called Audacity, helped me plenty times), set your mic input on the Options tab and then hit record. You and your guitarist might have to run over his licks a few times, but patience is a virtue.

Drums: I'm not so sure about drums. The best thing to do is probably google how to mic up drums on a budget. I think you will need 2 mics for that though.

I hope this helps man. Feel free to ask any other questions
thx a lot man,

ill def take that advice when recording guitars, amd check out audacity,

mad props to my brother from south africa
Yeah, there's plenty of free/cheap recording softwares out there that work perfectly. I'd try Mixcraft if I had a PC. I mean, it's not amazing, but it can do everything you'll need it to do.

As for your $200 budget, I've found very respectable Microphones for under $100 (and extremely good microphones for about $150)... And then I would certainly consider investing in an interface with your remaining money. It will improve your sound quality immensely and make recording probably a lot easier.

As for recording guitars, you can mess around a little to get the tone you want, but there's certain things to consider. Moving the mic closer and farther from the amp and closer and farther from the center of the amp will alter the tone. I'm not sure how because I personally record my guitar with direct input to avoid the hassle of recording an amp.

And when it comes to drums, I know that it will be hard and you might have to compromise some sound quality, but traditional jazz musicians and some classic rock drummers recorded their drums with one over tone mic.

So, depending on how much you're willing to compromise, I believe you could definitely pull it off. If you want to try recording with two mics, the MXL 990 and 991 microphones come in a set at guitar center for about a hundred dollars, and they are pretty decent. Now, if you don't think you'll need two mics, I would probably go to a music shop and talk to them about your situation and they'll be able to help you find what you want.

But with some research and stuff, this could definitely work. Just don't have too high of expectations. Recording drums with one microphone is basically an art unless you're willing to adapt to the lack of flexibility you'll have to work with.

Good luck.

Heres some microphones that I would consider:

And heres some interfaces:
I definitely wouldn't cheap out on these. If you're going to get one, go at least $50 and do some good research.

(Ebay or Cregslist or used instruments are other great ways to go)

Google or youtube how to mic your guitar amp and drums... That's all I can really say haha. Good luck again, hope this helped a little.
Some great help from jdlvh, he knows what he's talking about. I do line in recordings from my guitar, then use the plug-ins to help boost or modify my signal. If you got the cash, check out Acoustica Mixcraft. I use it and It does wonders for me! If you want top of the range DAWs, Pro Tools will do it all for you, but you must pay arm-and-leg for that. So work with what you got
Another thing: If you gonna record a bass guitar, don't line-in like you could do with your guitar. The heavy frequency will destroy your computer. Rather use a D/I converter (very expensive), so just mic up your bass guitar amp