Anyone play one and know of the quality? I can not seem to find any reviews online.


title:**Maxitone CUSTOME Guitars??(CHINA BASED LUTHIER)

Ok Im going to turn this thread into, should I trust a china based custom shop? I know buying knock-off guitars are somewhat frowned upon, and quality is usually farr less than what you would get from the original manufacturer. However, this salesman(on ebay) never states he has "gibsons" "Fenders" etc, he just simply states, custome shop.

I like some of the body styles and projects he did from the pics that are on his ebay website... however, once again Im extremely hesitant.

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Its got to be good if it is a custom guitar!!

It probably is very poorly made.
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Its got to be good if it is a custom guitar!!

It probably is very poorly made.

::sarcasm noted::


It just "seems" a little more legit, than some of the other ebay shops that deal with 'custom guitars'....... wouldnt mind getting me a V with a three humbucker setup thats for sure! o.O
How does it seem legit, other than that they say they're legit? Even the worst counterfeit shops have decent reviews, because most people who order there are either completely clueless, and wouldn't ever know the difference between a fake and a real one, or are completely aware of what they're buying and know it won't be great.

I understand the appeal, it's just that this is how every other godawful cut-rate "guitar" shop seems to work. Those pictures don't really do much to make me think better of them. The workmanship looks more geared towards weird body shapes than actually making a decent, functional instrument. Again, no different than most of the other shops like this.

If you've got $500 you're not afraid to lose, and you want something totally funky that nobody else will touch for that price - yeah, give it a shot. If you're just trying to save money, and actually need an instrument, I wouldn't gamble.
Run, run, run. These guys took almost $900 from me to build a custom double neck. They stalled on the promised delivery date until the eBay and PayPal refund dates passed, and continued to promise a refund for over a year. Finally they stopped answering my emails completely. Total rip off.
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