So i've actually had this guitar for a couple weeks, but never got around to making a thread about it, so here goes.

I traded this straight across for an Epiphone SG-400 (lol, sucker, thanks kijiji)
It had a bit of fret buzz, so i took it in to get set up, and changed the nut and saddle from plastic to bone. The epiphone cost me 100$ used, so all in all I got this guitar and upgraded it for around 200$. Plus it came with a really nice case, and my SG only came with a gig bag.

This guitar has been discontinued, and this was the only retail link i could find on it:

I made a quick clip to show what it sounds like...but in hindsight i probably should have played a song i know, i just looked up the tab for this one earlier tonight and i didn't realize how off my rhythm was until i watched it.


I'm fairly happy with it. I'm bad at getting guitars and selling them within a month....i've gone through about 20 guitars in the last couple years, and this is one of 3 that i've decided to keep. It's not a martin, but it'll do until i'm good enough to deserve to play a martin.
nice guitar ! video wasnt bad either. at your rate, you'll have a hngd thread most days ! thats a very nice looking guitar. congratulations ! !