Hello all,
Hope everyones god, ive won myself my first guitar on ebay as i wanted to take playing guitar a bit more seriously through these hybernated winter months. I managed to get my hands on a Danelectro 56 and wanted to get a case for her but cannot find he measurements anywhere. As the guitar hasnt turned up yet i cant mesure her myself so wanted to know if wha i am guessing is correct.
From what i can see a Les Paul style guitar case would fit the danelectro shape?

Can anyone help me?


Simon Martin
I'm pretty certain a Gibson-brand hardcase would definitely not fit the danelectro. I'm getting the impression you want a hardcase?
If not, any generic gigbag softcase should do the trick and work perfectly well, if you get a well padded one. Just pick one up at your local music store.
Perhaps mention that it is short scale ala les paul, but other than that soft cases are pretty one-size-fits-all type deals from my experience
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Easiest way is to go to a store that carries a lot of cases and go fit it.
I think that it would fit in a universal tele-case, like this one.