Ya, just started jammin with the looper and cubase open and got this little number done in about three minutes, just wondering what y'all thought. I think it's pretty badass for one take. The first minute is kind of messy cause I literally just picked up the guitar like 5 mins beforehand, but from about1:30 is like the alternate picking extravaganza.

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I'm prolly not the person you should take lead guitar advice from, but less is sometimes more It did start off kinda messy, but you did kinda clean it up after 1:30. I bet, if you give it a go, and do some research on recording and recording methods in the RR, you could hammer out some decent songs. This one, felt like a jam song, tone wasn't all there, seems like you used a cheap rock band mic or something.

Keep up the recording, it took me a long long long time to get to where I am now in my recording abilities, so don't give up. Thanks for the crit too.
Thanks for the opinion! It is more of a jam song, this was done with one tone with the looper, no EQ's or anything for the different instruments. Actually, it's also all on one track. The nasty hum is from a bad job soldering a new EMG in, had to redo it. I have been doing some research into recoding methods n stuff n think I have a basic handle on EQ and carving out a space for the different sounds; and a questionably obtiained version of ReValver, so hopefuly my next recording will be a little more pleasing to the ear. Thanks!