So I was procrastinating yesterday, and I compiled this:

Pickguard 1 Pickguard 2 *
Control Plate
Switch tip (tophat one)

Replacement screws

So basically I want to put together a White tele with a bridge humbucker (SD ) and black hardware.

My questions:
1. Am I missing anything, besides electronics?
2. Should I add the Single coil or humbucker only?
3. Is there anyway I can cut down on cost? Getting a job in my country is impossible. If I'm right this should come to around $400 (USD) and shipping, right?
4. Push/Pull pots vs. switch? I don't mind leaving the switch slit thing empty.
5. Mahogany or another wood?

And lastly, three variable-answer-ish questions:
6. Is GuitarFetish good quality?
7. Rosewood fingerboard? I've been playing Rosewood since I started around 4 years ago, but it's nothing I can't adjust to. The environment is really dusty and I have a feeling I'm going to have to deal with that dreaded grime-on-maple situation.
8. Is it worth it?

I'm aiming for a Kurt Cobain-ish not too bright sound.
It's basically going to be used for Nirvana, Porcupine Tree and lots of blues.
The thing with a kit is I'm not going to get black hardware, and anyway I'm going to have to get a new bridge and route the body for a humbucker.
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GF necks aren't very good, tuners aren't very good, and the bridge would likely need better saddles and some point. I'd spend a little extra and get better hardware anyway. The neck is what would worry me the most.
I'd probably be better off buying a those somewhere else then.

What about this Gotoh bridge?

Shelling out $100 for a neck will be an extra challenge for me. But I read somewhere that a good neck is a large defining factor of playability.

I'm going to be hardware scouting for a while still.

Mahogany vs. Ash vs. Poplar? Don't want anything that dents too easily. TBH I'm looking at Mahogany vs. Ash. I have another Ash guitar that seems pretty solid.

edit: Found schaller locking tuners.

but AFAIK Warmoth delivers US only?
Lazy fact #222568405:
You were too lazy to read the number.
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warmoth delivers worldwide, but you will most likely,a s you would with a GFS order of any sizeable amount get hit with import taxes.

which country are you in?
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Sperzel tuners are usually a better price point than Schaller and just as good quality wise. Gotoh makes good parts and I wouldn't hesitate on that bridge.
I'm in India but I can have them delivered to Poland or Germany too.

My guitar teacher knows a luthier, so maybe I can have him make me a neck. Indian Rosewood

Leaning towards Ash or Mahogany for the body. I'll probs go down a store and try out a maple guitar.
Lazy fact #222568405:
You were too lazy to read the number.