Hey guys, I'm doing the production, mixing, and mastering on a local band's EP, and was looking for some feedback on the job so far. I've uploaded a song on soundcloud as private, as it is unreleased. Let me know if you have trouble listening via the following links:

First Mix: http://soundcloud.com/michaelblakeman/double-sided-mirrors/s-07lXh
Second Mix: http://soundcloud.com/michaelblakeman/double-sided-mirrors-second/s-kDrgw
LATEST MIX: http://soundcloud.com/michaelblakeman/double-sided-mirrors-third-mix/s-L9UTP

Any constructive criticism on the production side of things is more than welcome!

Edit: Added the second mix thanks to the comments I received.
Edit 2: Added the third mix.
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Wow! Really liked the song, and the volumes of the instruments are great. Even the screaming is perfectly mixed imo. It does lack some bottom end and the guitars sounds a bit "weak" or "thin" rather for this kind of heavy music. Hmm, I would try to fatten up the guitars and bass by using echo or delay on the tracks that last less than 20ms. Otherwise I really enjoyed it
Sounds heavy man. Really clean produced! Pehaps the lead guitar could use a little delay/reverb? It sounds a little dry to me, but that could just be personal taste tbf.

Other than that it sounds killer and really crisp, awesome job on the mix!
Thanks guys!
Rolled back the high pass filter on the guitars a little, to add a little beef to the tone. Also helped blend the guitar and bass a little better, thanks man.
Added delay to the mid/lead track and a touch more reverb, sounds a bit smoother. Gave the lead a lot more volume too. Was getting a bit drowned out.

Keep the good advice coming UG! <3
I'm not a fan of hardcore, but that sounds really good. The guitar and bass advice I'd give is covered above, so that's cleared. I'd say pan the cymbals a little more toward the center (just slightly) and mix the drums up a tad. I don't really like the sound of the snare, and it could use a little presence on it. Whichever guitar is panned left when they're both playing the same riff dominates the sound. All other criticism is tone and first/second-stage recording stuff, not polishing. Good stuff though man, I really like it!
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I agree on you on the cymbals upon listening. Luckily Reaper has a "width" control to change the stereo spacing. I rolled that back a bit and the cymbals glue into the mix a lot better now.
As far as the left guitar thing, I can't hear what you're describing at all, and when I check the plugins and levels, they're all the same across both the left and right guitar. Is anyone else hearing this? If so, does anyone know what it might be?
I don't like the snare either. Presence would be awesome, but the high end on this snare sounds harsh and is pretty unforgiving. Any ideas?
The second mix is a bit fatiguing to my ears; it's very harsh, scooped sounding and plasticy in the upper mids and highs. My mixes usually end up sounding like that if I spend too long on them without resting my ears. When your ears are tired, boosting all the highs makes everything sound nice and crisp, but if you go back and listen with fresh ears, it's usually way over done. That aside, it reminds me a bit of the mix on The Ghost Inside's Fury and the Fallen Ones

The guitars are pretty bright, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but a bit more meat and they'll sound a lot heavier. I think the lead could also come down a few db during the verses to make a bit more room for the vocals.

The bass is glued pretty well to the guitars, but personally I'd love to hear a little bit of grit and clank.

Drums are pretty solid aside from the harsh overheads. Maybe try a bit of a boost on the fundamentals for a bit more punch, but that's not a huge deal.

Nice mix overall!
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Thanks for your reply Adam! I noticed the harshness of the highs too. I've added a new mix up in the first post.

I did my best to alleviate the harshness in the high end of the mix. Some still remains, but I did the best I could. Changed up the bass a little bit. Couldn't add any dirt unfortunately because the bass we recorded it with was of horrible quality.
Added a bit more reverb to the snare, and a bit more presence. Got it sounding the way I wanted now as a result, much smoother and punchy.

Let me know what you guys think.