Hello people,

I'm 'playing' the guitar for 1 year and I love my gitarlessons en the practicing at home.
At this moment I'm playing on a Ibanez (acoustic) and I'm thinking about buying a Taylor 314ce.

Do you thinks it's wise for me to buy this Taylor which I can afford. Would I feel and hear the difference and would it maybe improve my skills as a beginner?

Please let me know.

Greetings René
The Netherlands
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while i'm a big believer that a better quality guitar can inspire a player to play more and feel better about their playing, you don't mention which ibanez guitar you own, so we can only answer you in generalities. you will almost surely hear a difference between your guitar and the 314ce, but that's true whenever you try different guitars. on the other hand, it's impossible to know whether the 314ce would be the right guitar for you - many people love it, but i don't care for its tone or its slender neck. guitar tone and feel is a very personal thing, so i suggest if possible you try the 314ce and every other guitar you can get your hands on and see which ones you like the most.

btw, chances are you can make your ibanez play better by taking it to a professional luthier or guitar tech and having it set up. also you can also get a variety of tones from your current guitar by trying different strings.
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It sounds beautifully mellow. Depends on your taste. Lots of mids is signature to Taylors.
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Playing a guitar worthy of your time makes a huge difference, and can be inspiring to play. It is much easier to get good tone out of a good guitar.

I like the 314ce -- a friend bought one, so I had a chance to play it a lot. It specializes in the mids and trebles at the expense of bass. IMHO I thought it lent itself to fingerstyle, rather than heavy strumming. Whether this is a good thing depends on your ear and the music you wish to play.

I bought a new guitar this year, and thought I was looking for a Taylor 314ce. I wound up purchasing a Larrivee LV-03re (a similar guitar in that it is smaller than a dreadnought, and has a cutaway and built-in pickups) because I liked the tone and believed there was better value for money. But this statement in no way disrespects the 314ce, which is a fine guitar.

Happy guitar hunting! Play as many as you can before you buy ...
Thanks to all ;-)

This week I will visit the shop to 'play' some stuff on the Taylor after that I will decide buying it or not.
I love my 214ce. Simply the best acoustic I've ever played, period. Honestly, I feel that going anywhere above a 214 is simply adding too much money for a small gain; the 314 has a very nice finish, but the sound and feel are otherwise the same. I've even played a 614 and the results are the same to me.

But hey, to each his own. Can't go wrong with a Taylor, no matter what the model.
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good luck digi. dont forget to post some pics of the new axe when you get it. let us all drool with you !
Nice but I'd get a Martin. I've heard some bad things about Taylor, also I don't prefer it's sound. Larrivee is nice too.
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