I am the developer of ScaleViz - A Theory App for guitarists, available on the app store.

For more info and a tour of the app, the website address is:

***link removed***

Thanks for looking.

Shane Hogan.
There is no easy way, takes practice, dedication, time, and memory!

A man who stumbles while walking can't possibley run!

Moral, learn to walk (Basics, Foundations, etc.) before running (Advance Mechanics and Understanding)!
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Yep I agree with everything you said, but applying logic to the fretboard certainly speeds up this process and leads to a greater understanding of fretboard theory, when using the shape trainer in ScaleViz learning is already accomplished ***link removed*** (not my words, here's an independent view of the app from Appadvice)

And here's a free Theory paper I wrote, enjoy

***link removed***

I'm just getting myself some free exposure , I am an independent app developer and this is free advertising for me.

Oi mate, im not an admin , but i think this is considered advertising, which is not allowed around here.

Anyways to add to the discussion, there are just effective and not so effective ways, both requiere indeed lots of practice, but ineffective ways make you waste lots of time and effort :P

Any chance you release it for Android, port it and i promise i will buy it.
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it is indeed advertising.

Sorry, but UG doesn't exist to give free exposure top other products and services...especially ones that compete with the ones UG itself offers.
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