I’m currently using a few stomp boxes, for distortion/overdrives. (Ibanez TS9, Big Muff Tone Wicker, and my amps distortion) I also have a couple of other pedals, Delay, Chorus and wah and a booster; I’m also using reverb from my amp.

There are few other fx I would like but would not necessarily be used much, just on the odd song or on bits of songs here and there. I’m looking for some more psychedelic sounds, various reverbs, reverse reverbs, Flanger, Octaver, Tremolo and phaser etc

I don’t really want to buy another 6/7 pedals. Although I’d like a monster pedal board with lots of expensive gear and boutique boxes it’s not really practical as I don’t want to build/buy another board to incorporate them. Having 6 pedals that get little use would be annoying and a bit of a waste. Space would also be a bit of an issue getting another 7 pedals due to rehearsing in a small garage and gig venues having little room on stage.

So in terms of sound quality I don’t mind if the other sounds I require don’t sound mega amazing like some £150 single pedal, but just an average-useable sound would be sufficient as it won’t be the driving sound of a song, just for some embellishments on parts.

I’m happy with my overall sound so I don’t want to disregard my current distortions and wah.


Can any one recommend a multi fx that specifically caters for psychedelic sounds and not distortions? More bizarre range of sounds the better.

Does anyone else use multi fx combined with stomp boxes to good effect and recommend a set up?

Any views and ideas would be appreciated.

Line 6 m5 or m9.
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m9 or m13 could work, though as I remember the HD500 is cheaper than the m13 (or it use to be at least), and that'd give you more options with the expression pedal, and the option to do some DI stuff aswell.

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Thanks for the advice, although most of those boards all seem pretty big and pricey, M5 only seems to allow one effect at once as well.

Sorry should have stated that my budget is going to be £200 max, Line 6 mm4 almost looks like what i want, basically just a modulation board but again just one effect can be used at one time with it which i know will bug me.

Maybe i should just go for a zoom or digitech multi fx and cut out all the preamp stuff and run through my fx loop???
The Zoom G3 has some nice FX (3 at a time) and you don't need to use distortion or amp models. I agree that the M series seems to fit the bill. The G3 will get you some comparable stuff, not everything the M has, but at a lower price.
IIRC there is no reverse reverb in the G3. My M5 has a reverse reverb, but IMO it doesn't hold a candle to the reverse reverb in the Yamaha Magicstomp. You can hear the Yamaha reverse reverb in the song "Early Reflections" in my profile (or the Tasty Licks link). I was hoping the M5 reverse reverb would replace it so I could take the Yamaha off my board, but no luck.
My wife bought me a Digitech RP-70 last week and I'm really having a blast with it.