Obviously, people who make tab books don't want to lose money by letting people get access to the tabs for free here at UG.
Either you have to figure out the song yourself, or buy a tab book (or if you're lucky, you can find a tab on a less known site).
Quote by JNBloomy
Why is it when I go to look at a tab by Clapton it says it's not available in my country (England) ?!

Because your country (England) sucks.

Nah, I hate it went I can't view stuff either because of where I live.
if you search this site for similar storys (mostly Led Zeppelin tabs) you can probably find a work around via proxy servers or what not. As well, you could ask ppl on here if thye have it or can PM you the tab (from a country that it is not blocked in). What song are you looking for?
Same problem here. I'm from Chile. I was looking for Tears in Heaven. When I was in the States, I didn't have that problem, but I forgot to save it. May anyone send me that tab, please?
This has been raised on well over 100 threads. If you'd bothered searching the forums, you'd have known the answer and would already be looking at the tabs you need.
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