At the moment for recording band rehearsals I'm using singstar mics plugged into my laptop and recording using Audacity (Yeah I know!)

I'd like some advice on improving the quality of the recordings - the place where we practice has a PA and a couple of mics available (I think they are Shure SM57s or SM58s) - we can connect our amps to the PA via DI then we can mic up the drums and vocals. The PA also has a record-out port.

I tried connecting the record-out on the PA to my laptops mic/line in but it was very noisy.

So I think I need a USB audio interface which we can either connect the mics and DI outputs of our amps to or that we can connect to the record-out on our PA. Budget is about £30 - £100.

Any advice on a suitable interface?

You could use an interface attached to the record out but if you're not using the laptop for anything else you might be better getting a standalone recorder, it's above your price range (at around £250 if I remember correct) but the Zoom H4n can take stereo signals from a stereo jack or two mono jacks/XLRs.

Edit 1: With regards to portable recorders Zoom's H1 also has an external/line level source input which you could use (I'm assuming you're using a phono to 1/8" jack?) for your recordings, and it's only £79 on amazon.

Edit 2: This Lexicon device has two line ins that you could use to record depending on the output on the mixer, but if it's a phono out you could do it another way, but that depends on the setup. Oh and it's only £50-ish.
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We used to record our rehearsals with a Zoom H2. Inexpensive, dead easy to use, and sounded fantastic for what it was.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll have a look into these - I like the look of the Zoom products - with the built in mics they will probably be more versatile for times when I'm at home and don't have the PA available.