Yeah, my band is gonna start practising and writing some material soon, but we still can't think of a band name. any tips?


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December 14, 2017
Just concentrate on the music and then one day you'll just get a spark of inspiration. If you're not gigging yet, you don't need a name.
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Every time your band practices, have everyone bring in 5 band name suggestions, no matter how dumb they are. Keep doing this until finally someone suggests something good.
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Dawn of dinosaurs

That's funny, I was going to suggest Jurassic Shark.

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the best part about forming a band is naming it!

call yourselves Raised Manholes

My band almost called ourselves Manhole as a joke.
We also nearly went with Witch's Finger
Pick some words relevant to the style of music you write, play the word association game, and go from there. But don't actually start introducing yourself with that name until you start gigging. You might change it, and that'll cause confusion. If you tell people you're called "Gary and the Smoking Tumbleweeds" but then change it to "The Holy Crepes" right before your first gig, no one will know who you are.
make it something catchy, like Cannibal Corpse. alliteration and rhyming go a long way.
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now if you can add some alliteration to that, you'd be perfect, TS. Wisteria Wizards maybe?
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