Hi I have a Digitech RP7 ftp://ftp.digitech.com/pub/PDFs/Discontinued/Manuals/RP7.pdf
that i am trying to connect to my b-52 head http://www.b-52guitar.com/AT100.html.

A friend told me I should be able to still use my heads distortion while using the pedal. All I want from the pedal board is the effects, I don't want it's distortion or clean channels playing through it, is this possible?

The amp itself has a line out in the back, and it also has send and receive 1/4" as well which I would assume is how to connect the board. On the channel select there is an effects button i can turn off and on, I'm assuming my goal is possible to achieve then?

Either way I can't seem to set it up right, I ended up just using the line out of the pedal directly into the guitar input, which isn't what I was hoping for any help? please and thank you
Guitar into B-52 input.
Instrument cable from amp's send to RP7 input.
Instrument cable from RP7 output to amp's return.

Turn off the amp modeling on the RP7 and you're done. Instructions for turning off modeling should be in the manual.