Please don't take this seriously.

Hey, I met a guy on the side of the road
Shivering in the winter cold
I asked the man if he needed a ride
He looked at me and he replied
“Yes please!”
Brass mustache!

He got in the car; it was too dark to see
I felt his eyes looking right at me
There I knew there was something strange
I turned on the light and looked at his face
To my surprise!
He had a brass mustache!

I asked the man what was going on
He asked me what drug I tripping on
But then his face showed a hint of fear
He braced himself and looked in the mirror
“Oh my god!”
“I have a brass mustache!”

We got out of the car, time began to slow
It was at that point we started to know
Our master people started to unfurl
We would use the ‘stache to save the world
With the power!
Of the brass mustache!

We found our new mortal enemy
A middle aged guy with a gold goatee
Brass Mustache Man punched him in the face
We were satisfied that the world was saved
We got arrested!
For battery!

Brass mustache!
Brass mustache!
Wtf????? Its...good?
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Quote by Briyan_15
Wtf????? Its...good?

Do you not understand the sheer power of the brass mustache?