Hey all,

Looking for a metal pedal or similar, need to recreate the sound similar to Metallica - End Of The Line, the main riff at around 0:42: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkIDze5Gv9A

Current hardware is an SG kitted out with Tonerider Generators and 500ks. Amps, I will be using a variety, usually the Marshalls at college (model number, I am not certain, they were bloody expensive though). Using a Boss DS-1 atm but it doesn't sound like what I'm looking for.

Budget needs to be about £50 max really though I'm willing to stretch if it's really worth it.

I was thinking a HM-2 or similar?


EDIT: Will be playing G'N'R and Metallica the most, but I need it more for End of the Line since I will be performing it.
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You definitely need to stretch your budget. If you can spend $100, get the DigiTech Hardwire TL-2. I have it, and it nails and Thrash tone you can throw at it, especially any of the Big Four.

You should find out what the Marshall is, because it might only need a boost to do what you want.

Are they your amps or someone else's? Really, if you aren't using your own, you should just buy your own so that you have consistency with what you're using. Going this route, you shouldn't even need a pedal if you get the right amp. I mean, if you can get $300 to work with, a used Peavey Ultra would be perfect.
Wow, that Digitech is impressive. Very tempted.

They are college amps usually, I never get time to practice at home much anymore so they're more or less the only amps I use.

Problem is, there's not much point me spending too much point on a decent pedal because it would probably be bottlenecked by my Toneriders, right?

Cheers mate
I don't know much about Toneriders, honestly. The TL-2 is definitely an excellent pedal, though, as are all of the Hardwire pedals. They're all true bypass and good quality. See if you can't find out what Marshall you're using though, because that could be a game changer.
I will try and find out. Reckon I could get £40 or so for my Pocket Pod if I chucked it on Classifieds? It's fully working though the knobs are a tad stiff.

That would give me £90 or so to work with.
If your looking for an old metallica tone you can probably find it with a Metal Zone pedal.

You can find one of those used around $30-$40
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If your looking for an old metallica tone you can probably find it with a Metal Zone pedal.

You can find one of those used around $30-$40

If you want you tone to fizz more than Dr. Pepper and be thinner than a piece of paper. The TL-2 is a Metal Zone done right. It has the same knob setup, but adds the Tight/Loose mini toggle (insert vagina joke here) and it's tone is MUCH improved. If you go used, you can definitely get the TL-2 for less than $100
Confirmed now, gonna sell my Line 6 Pocket Pod + DS-1 + some other crap and buy the TL-2. Good times! Thanks mateys.