Hello, I came here a couple of weeks ago to post a song that I wrote. I have a much better one to post today, this is a song I've been working on over the course of a couple months.

Without further ado: Pain of Death - Joy of Life

Tell me what you think.

Quote by r0derik1990
It could shure use some drums, but the riffs are cool.
And as commented on the youtube vid you could also record a second track to thicken the sound.
I think it would be a cool song with these things.

C4C?? http://soundcloud.com/r0derik1990/riffs-a-5-december-2011_2-demo

Thanks for the feedback brother, I'm pretty inexperienced with recording and playing with other people so I can't make much change yet but it's good to know I'm on the right track

The song you posted here reminds me of Bongripper in the sense that it's obviously got some really heavy downtuned riffing in it but also some nice, ambient melodic parts with a lot of feeling. It gives the song a bit of personality and I think that's what is most important when writing metal like this, you have to give it that certain feeling even if you can't quite put your finger on it with words.