Hey all!

I am in a band that does about a 70/30 cover to original ratio. We do all sorts of mainstream rock, metal, & the occasional dance tune (for the ladies). I play 2 Schecter guitars through a B-52 half stack, and I have a homemade board with mostly boss pedals.

Now that the background stuff is out the way, I was curious if I wanted to recreate some sampled things in covers, would the Boss loop station pedal be a good buy for me? I'm talking about the bells from the beginning of For Whom the Bell Tolls and the "give it to me" sample from Rob Zombie's Feel So Numb. There's also a sample at the end of one of our originals that I think it would be cool for. Would anyone recommend the loop station for doing this kind of thing? I've seen guitar players around my area do this with effects processors, but I'm pretty content with my board of individual pedals and am not very interested in a processor.

Any advice would really be appreciated.

By the way you can check out the sample I was referring to at the end of our original, Shackled, at our Reverb Nation page. Drop some thoughts on the tune if you want to (:

It would work although I would recommend the Digiteh Jam Man. It has 99 storage bank and expandable card storage where as the Boss is fixed at 11 minutes and 16 banks (or there about). Also, I would run the looper into the PA as opposed to your amp, that way you could level it properly in the mix.
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Thanks KillRoy. I'm sure a trip to Guitar Center will give me some clarity, but it's not like I'll be able to know how the samples sound until I can get it home and play with it, you know? I'll have to read up on the Jam Man. It definitely already looks like it brings more value for the dollar though.