Just got the EMG 81/85 yesterday (individually not the ZW set) and have set them up in my guitar with 2 volumes, one for each pickup independantly, a master tone and a 3-way toggle switch. However, I have a couple of issues.

1. The toggle switch isn't working at all, wired up as to the instructions, tried a few different variations/suggestions I've found online so far, but nothing works

2. The 85 in the neck is a fair bit louder than the 81 in the bridge, whether this is linked to the toggle switch issue I'm not sure

Pickups are being installed into a Les Paul copy. If anyone has experience with EMG's or has had similar problems some help would be appreciated.

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1. We'll need to see pics of both the diagram and your actuall wiring to figure what the problem is.

2. It is normal for the 85 to be louder. I had to wire my Dean Vendetta with 2 volumes instead of 1 volume & 1 tone because I hated the big boost in volume when I flipped to the neck pickup (85).