So I have B52 AT100 Half stack and I Play a Les Paul Studio and It sounds amazing! The only problem is that durring stops the stack screams at me when it's set at high volumes. It really hard to make a breakdown sound decent. Has anyone else had this problem? I would like to fix it without spending too much money or sacrificing tone.

Thanks for your help you guys.
Get a noise gate and cut out the really high frequencies, also set it to a really low tolerance so that not much sound will be coming from your guitar once you stop playing. Also stand quite far away from your amp when you're playing, thats the extent of my knowledge for stopping feedback.
The way normal people do it is the guitar volume knob.
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Quote by Cathbard
The way normal people do it is the guitar volume knob.

Now do you mean back off the volume when I am playing or turn the volume off when I'm not playing? I know that when the volume is off it doesn't feed back, but I can't turn the knob all the way off and back on and off in between the chugs of a breakdown.

Does anyone know if this is caused by the tubes that this amp comes with? I've read online that changing the tubes and make a big difference but it can be expensive. This is my first tube amp I have no idea what tubes would fix the problem and still sound good in my amp.
you need a noise gate
ISP, MXR, BOSS all make diecent ones. ISP is about the best though
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I heard that noise gates only remove hissing and they're most commonly used to remove feedback caused by guitar pedals. Is that true at all?
The ISP decimator will remove feedback from your amp. The ISP decimator G STRING will remove feedback AND amp hiss.

Either should suffice.
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