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Nig, I've been studying all day erryday
17 16%
I should probably get to studying....but something else looks entirely more entertaining
66 62%
Finals? I'm old and don't worry about that shit anymore
24 22%
Voters: 107.
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It's time for FINALS!!!! For those of us in College or high school (or middle school?? Who gives a shit).

How are you handling your finals? Studying like a boss? Or...

If the fact that I'm making this thread isn't indication enough, I'm not being quite the diligent student I should be. I'm learning a new guitar piece by Regondi and have been practicing like crazy (I'm a classical guitar major, so it's not that bad, but I should spend my time being more productive). I've also been browsing reddit like crazy,

Basically; Share your procrastination techniques and how you're handling finals.
Finished one class today. Three more to go.

Should be fun

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My last one starts in 35 minutes. it's been a lot of work, then a nice month vacation.

Two of mine are take-home, a third one (macroeconomics) will be quite easy, it's the fourth (American Political Thought) that will take some effort.
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It's time for FINALS!!!! For those of us in College or high school (or middle school?? Who gives a shit).

I, sir, do in fact give a shit. I take finals after Christmas break.
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I got 2 finals back to back next Tuesday. I should probably at least read the chapters that I missed the lectures on, but Skyrim just keeps calling to me.
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Lol I'm not in school.

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This thread caught my interest as I procrastinate my two term papers I have to write........ ugh. Both due monday......
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my finals are a joke, so **** it
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I just had exams in all my classes last week and have finals next week. Taking a week off from studying. I did well enough on the other exams that I'm not all that worried.

EDIT: v Pretty much that.
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For macroeconomics I gotta take an online test, History I have to take a test that'll take 5 minutes. My final in my Art Appreciation class is turning in an art project that I need to start on. In English I have to write 2 mo'fuggin essays AND take 3 exams in 2 mo'fuggin hours.

In conclusion,

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I be procrastinationisizing like a pro my 5pg essay on hella philosophy terms I haven't even looked at due Thursday of next week. I haven't even came up with a date to procrastinatifity too to two.
Three finals next week. Still not worried enough to actually study, so for now, wheeeeee.
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Stat tomorrow. The last 5 chapters were variations on the same thing, and the first two were easy, so it should go pretty well.
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I would love to study, but I have too much Skyrim and League of Legends to play

I am done with my finals, and it went a lot better than I thought. Everything was pretty easy.
Finals at my school start Friday and I have to to discover when or where any of my finals are taking place. I think that answers your question pretty nicely.
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Last final is tonight...class is common sense so I'm not gunna bother studying. Then I'm gunna take the holidays off from work and do **** all for the next couple weeks lol.
Two of my classes don't have finals. The other three are in less than a week.

I'm studying by sitting here talking to you guys.
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Ugh... I had 3 exams yesterday. A Piano final, a Dictation final and a Russian exam. Luckily the russian test wasn't a final, but I'll still have my Russian final next week. I have a sight-singing final tomorrow and I know they're going to make me sing one of the pieces we worked on this quarter, so I need to go through my book tonight and practice every song that's difficult enough to be picked for the test. If that's not bad enough, my jazz ensemble has a final performance tomorrow that I'm very nervous about. Still, if I can get past tomorrow, it'll be smooth sailing until Christmas.
I'm done with finals!

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Mine's next week.

In preparation, I am... engaging in motorcycle adventures, playing Skyward Sword, learning songs from NES games and attempting a flawless 100% run of Mega Man X.

In summary:

WWE '12 and learning songs are much more important than my GPA... right?
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Studying is for people who don't already know everything.
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I just took my Cognitive Psyc final today. It went ok. I have three more next week then I'm done. Can't wait.
I don't really have finals. Just a shitload of projects. Not procrastinating at all. Aw yeh.

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I got 4 finals next week and a final paper for english due Wednesday. I'm not too worried though. But I have been procrastinating...hard

Been spending way too much time on Facebook and UG just staring at the screen waiting for something cool to happen.

Oh and let's not forget how much BF3 I've been playing that I don't have time to play...
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