Hey can anyone help me out with this rhythm?

High e = 3-0-0-7-0-0-8-0-7-0-0-3-0-0-3-0

If those were all eighth note triplets what would the time signature be????

I've tried moving them to 16ths and making it 4/4 but it doesn't sound good with my first riff when accented like that. Help please
I'd probably put it into a 6/4 time signature, where you have 2 triplet eighth note rests at the end of the bar.
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It's a continuous pulse though. There aren't supposed to be any rests. I have it in 6/4 but I added on another 3-0 pull off but it's not how I want it to sound
I attached the composition.thats the pace and everything I want it be. but take off the last 3-0 pull off
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Quote by theknuckster
it's just semiquavers in 4/4 with a 3+3+2 stress on the notes?

its in 4/4, or 8 or whatever you choose to call it.
constant eighths...or sixteenths, again, depends on how you choose to make it.
and as said above, the pulse is 3+3+2, as in:
ONE + a TWO + a THREE + ONE + a TWO + a THREE +