Hi...So this is my first post... But i am planning a guitar build. This would be my first, so i want to remain at a low cost. I am going to cut the wood and do all that stuff, but i am also going to wind my own pickups and do my own wiring..... I want to use the most environmentally friendly wood possible, such as sycamore, pine, and oak. this guitar will be mainly acoustic, completely hollow. but it will be the dimensions of an electric mainly. The electric sound, however, should be well balanced, with lots of sustain, and suitable for blues. I think i have already settled on pine for the soundboard, but i am open to ideas. Also, any ideas for tuners, nuts, knobs, wiring, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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First off, making a guitar is never cheap. I learned the hard way. If you're looking for parts, Stewmac has a great selection but their products are usually way overpriced.
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I was mostly asking for advice on what type of wood I should use for the body or the soundboard or the neck
alright, so does anybody know where i could find pieces of pine to use as a soundboard, and pieces of oak as like a bodyblank solidbody type thing?
www.guitarfetish.com has nice hardware, pickups, ect for cheap and they are diecent quality.
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Pine will be fine. Also for cheap gutiar parts I always go here: http://stores.ebay.com/bezdez?_rdc=1 I've never had an expensive guitar project.

Thanks, this is perfect, does anybody know how i could use a body sensor or piezo pickup in this build, to make a hybrid, i play a lot of acoustic guitar, and can only bring 1 guitar to gigs, so this is important. I need to find some way to boost the signal of a piezo, to make it audible, am i correct? Or at least to balance it with the electric sound, anybody have an idea on how to do this cheaply?
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