....talk show (like Conan/Leno/etc) where Slash was on and they had this kid there doing a SPOT ON version of Slash's wasted Godfather Solo video? The one where he can't even whistle and just runs around plucking random notes? Then this kid is doing it and slash gets up and starts blasting out the real solo?

A: What late show was that?

B: Where can I find the clip? I've searched all over. The actual Slash concert footage seems to not exist on YouTube anymore. I've searched all forms of "slash, godfather, solo, wasted, whistle, fail, drunk, blooper, etc" and can't find it anywhere online. Then I remembered that show so I figured I could probably torrent the episode or something and then I'd have the slash concert footage lol. I really want to find that video, trying to show a friend to add to our old rock n roll antics discussion. He doesn't believe slash cant even whistle lol.
I know exactly what you're talking about. It's part of the "shreds" series of videos... can't seem to find the live video though (just this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHyl04-ytH8) I think it was on Jimmy Kimmel though

EDIT: Just did some googling. Disney had the video removed from youtube
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