Hi All,

Been thinking about getting an interface so I can connect my guitar, download either Amplitube 3 or Guitar Rig and play through my PC. At the moment I have no immediate plans to record anything but that might change down the road.

I have been looking at Focusrite – Saffire PRO 14 or the Scarlett 8i6. From what I can tell the main difference seems to be the PRO 14 is Firewire and Bus powered whereas the Scarlett is USB and AC powered. They both seem to have Ableton Live 8 and an additional mixing/routing software.

I really know nothing about the difference between Firewire and USB. Is one better than the other ?

Also, I have mostly been looking Focusrite as there seems to be good reviews on them BUT if there is something more suitable from M-Audio, Tascam or PreSonus then I am happy to look at those as well.

Any advice very much appreciated
well the Firewire cable is better as it sends the signal of information more smoother than USB which send the data in chunks which will cause buffering.
what lildude means is FW is a bi-directional flow of data whereas USB is uni. Meaning, FW sends more data, which means it's faster. I LOVE focusrite and highly recommend their saffre line.
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Cheers for the input. Doing a bit more research I see that as my PC firewire connection is 4 pin I will still have to use the power aupply - no biggie I guess - just would have been nice to avoid another cable.

I might also check out the M Audio Fast Track Pro and the Komplete Audio 6 - I think both of these are USB powered
ive had more luck with firewire...just all around more reliable..ive gone thru 2 usb devices that work great one day then the next just dies for no reason..but the firewire device i bought has been trucking along forever now.