I have a Gibson SG Standard. I want to get a mirror finish on the guitar without having to paint it. I was thinking of covering the guitar with gaffers tape, then cutting a sheet of perspex out to the shape of my guitar. I would then use a heat gun along the edges to get the curve i need. I would like the full mirror look, but I will do a mosaic too if i have to (like the edge's mosaic lp.) Any suggestions?

Here are my ideas for the full face mirror:
1. Perspex
2. Chrome painted vinyl
3. Mirror Tiles (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...=A2LM6ZPY06LT1N)
4. Silver Sheet
5. Aluminum Paper
6. Aluminum Wrap
7. Mosaic

It is annoying because the SG is mostly flat, except for the edges, but that makes things easier than with a lp. Also, i have to make sure the material is not too high. The advantage of a mosaic or the adhesive sheet/tiles is that I can choose where the mirror will be. This means less work, but a worse final product. I would prefer no to have to do a broken mirror style finish, but if its the only way, then I guess I will have to.
Well there is a tele like that one I showed you or a les paul jr. There the only major guitars that I can think of that have flat tops at the moment. But even they have rounded over edges. If you wanted a perfictly flat top you would probably have to build your own or put an already made body through a planer. That tele I showed you was a Mick Mars signature, he played it on Motley Crues 1989 tour. You might be able to find some info on that if you wanted to do somthing like that. I was actully planing on doing a Mick Mars mirror top replica so tell me how it works out if you end up doing it.
I would say so. I think the only telecaster Fender makes that dosn't have a flat top is there Special Edition Custom Telecaster. And I'm pretty sure thats american made.