just what the title says, Line 6 ux 1 studioport with metal pack, classic pack, and fx junkie, guitar and usb cable

seymour duncan jb
seymour duncan jazz

all for 40$ plus shipping which im 90% sure will only cost 5$ with USPS flat rate box

all equipment is in perfect working order with no flaws whatsoever
very interested, do you have any feedback or prior transactions you can use as a reference?
nope, my first time selling anything would be to fretbuzz, he said he was gonna send payment out on monday for a guitar but i never heard anything afterwards, sorry about that, if theres any other way to make myself and the transaction as legitamite as possible im up for it, i've got nothing to hide :]
a picture would be nice, of everything together. i can send you $45 via paypal

the jb is in the guitar, jazz is next to it, and i always forget but the jazz has one of the tabs missing that the screw goes in, i have 2 extras which can be soldered, jb welded, silver soldered, hot glued, whatever the method you want back on, i have an emg that had the same problem and good hot glue holds it on like a rock

then we have a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter for headphones

the ux1 which just had the white letters sharpied blue, very easy to remove if wanted

usb cabled

then 1/4 to 1/4 guitar cable

and heres the software extras

it came with the fx junkie then i got a 2 pack of the classical and metal amp package