SO I bought a used Vypyr 60 online from Guitarcenter which means I have 30 days to return it if need be.

The main problem is that the amp has a crack in the casing on the bottom. It feels okay, not like the amp casing is about to cave in, but I'm not sure if this will effect the sound quality at all/give me any serious cause for concern.

Long story short, should I keep an amp that I basically got for 33% off or should I save myself some future problems and return it for a new amp?
It doesn't seem too significant. But then, I've never seen a combo amp with a crack in it before...

It's smack on the bottom edge in a V shape that has the open part toward the front face of the amp and goes across the edge to the bottom face of the amp.

Perhaps pictures are in order. Regardless, if it's not a large crack and I tape over it or seal it with glue of some kind, will that be good enough?

Also, with the loudness thing, how loud would I have to play for it to break open? I do have a year warranty on it from GC so if it breaks, I'd definitely send it back and get my warranty's worth.
I would definatly contact them and ask what they would advise.If they know about the problem right away you will be better protected in the future should you keep the amp.I also think that some good wood glue like titebond will work.Take some blue painters tape and cover both sides next to the crack to keep the glue of off it.
it would probably take a while for the crack to get much worse. you probably won't have any issues. and chances are it won't just catestrophically fail. it will gradually get worse in which case you should be able to notice and try and fix it.
Ok, I'll call them tomorrow. And I'll try to get my hands on some kind of wood glue. Thanks much for your input. I hope this doesn't turn into something bigger x.X
I honestly wouldnt worry about it. If you're really that worried, but some glue on it. But from what you described, i dont see it being any big deal.
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