I've been looking to get into some lap steel music lately, and figured this might be a good way to jump in. I know lap steel is mostly associated with country, but since there isn't a country section and it's closely tied with the blues, I figured I'd ask here.

So, what are your favorite bands that feature lap steel playing?
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Robert Randolph is a sensational lap steel player and although im not a huge fan of his recordings, if you ever get a chance to see him live i would not miss it. also i believe he made the rolling stones greatest 100 guitarists of all time which is not only impressive for a lap steel player but for some one as young as he is its a massive achievement.
used to be a band here in UK in the late 60's called juicy lucy, they featured a lap steel player called Glen Ross Campbell. they were very good, did a couple of albums as i recall.
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