Writing a paper for an Ethics/Race Relations class based on what is mainly said about race issues and minority inequality by such bands like Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine. Just a wonderin' if any of you have read any scholarly articles related to this topic, or can offer any information that could help me out. It has to be 10 pages, but I'm stuck about halfway. Any help is greatly appreciated, and I will love you and kiss you.
Check out Rebel Diaz. They're a hip hop group that does a lot of social justice/community building work in inner cities.

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Because I'm a prick, it's Yasiin Bey now. Not Mos Def.

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Ooh, or read 1984 and substitute "proles" for "black people" and "1984" for "1934"
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ugh. you guys are making me not want to like Gil.


But I never really liked Gil. I can appreciate his influence, but I could never listen to his stuff in half hour long album form.
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ugh. you guys are making me not want to like Gil.


Yo TS, check out Ornette Coleman and the whole free jazz movement. The genre was fundamentally political in a very interesting way at its inception. Right as the civil rights movement was really going strong, (mostly) black musicians challenged norms with their experimental song structures and unorthodox improvisation, which parallels nicely with the social progression that was advanced at the time. It goes way deeper than that, but, anyway, check it out.

You might get brownie points 'cuz the struggle isn't represented lyrically, but rather sonically and communally.
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