Hey guys we are A Room Swept White and we are currently recording our EP at the moment but thought we would share a few demos with everyone.


We are labelled hardcore but try to mix both the heavy side and melodic of the genre together. Like or hate any sort of feedback would be great thanks!
Hey your stuffs great only criticism is maybe the mix is a not to my taste here and there :L but the songs are solid! Compressions your friend :P
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Yeah completely agree with you that is why we just wanted to call them demoes and are redoing them. These were recorded on some cheap deal at a studio and I was a bit disappointed with the mix, but thanks for seeing past the production at the actual songs!
Too bad I don't live close to you, I would love to play guitar with you. Im in minnesota at mcnally if we ever meet that would be cool. The music was awesome. whatever you recorded with is massively shitty. But engineer wise you doubled the screams "kudos" and the voice was able to hit high notes and was nice on the ears. I would buy an album off you guys.
here take a listen to my song I recorded at the terrarium recording studio in minneapolis.