I've started a pretty good project so far, and I'm proud of it, but after bar 53 I feel that the song goes in a completely different direction and I'm not so sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

and I kind of feel like the drums are kind of bland and uninteresting.

Could someone help me out with this ?!
i actually like the direction it takes, it's more interesting musically. it could be a cool lead in to a solo because it's more melodic.
I'm not liking the drums. I'm not a drummer though, and I can't really think of how to better them. The guitar parts are generic, but a lot of "metalcore" is from what I've heard so I guess that isn't really a problem. Overall it's legit in terms of arrangement but really I feel like 10+ different bands have already written this. Just work on being more original

If you want to c4c,