I was wondering if i could get some help ordering a set of pedals. In this set i have a Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator, BBE Green Screamer, MXR Super Comp, and a Vox V845 Classic Wah.

I always was told the wah goes first, but i was also told the compressor always goes first because you don't want to compress your effects tone. I've seen alot of variations of chain builds. How would i order these 4 pedals to get optimum tone?

Original plan:Vox V845 -> MXR Super Comp -> BBE Green Screamer -> Strymon BlueSky

I don't fully understand the ordering of pedals. Like what the pros and cons would be of putting an Overdrive before a Reverb pedal, or vise versa. I've also heard of putting the compressor at the very end of the chain.

I am new to pedals, if i could get some recommendations on how to order these pedals, i would greatly appreciate


That order is fine.

Pedal order is subjective and its not like you can't try out the different combinations yourself.
I would put the comp before the wah. Does your amp have an FX loop?
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